About My Home Life

My husband, Steve and I a few years ago.
Our new puppy, Roxy.

My husband Steve, our new puppy, Roxy and I live less than one-half mile away from Lake Pend O’reille, one of the largest fresh-water lakes in the world.  My  home town of Sandpoint, Idaho is surrounded by evergreen trees, tall mountains, and beautiful Lake Pend O’reille. Though I’ve traveled some, this is the most beautiful country I have ever seen. It is truly God’s country, and you can see His fingerprint on every part of it.

In 1976 I married a man I met in Lewiston, Idaho. After almost nine years and two sons, the marriage failed and my sons and I moved back to Sandpoint, Idaho to be near my family and begin a new life.

In 1991, after a bad marriage–and promising myself I would never marry again–I met Steve. We became good friends, and God used each of us as His tools to help the other person recover from previous bad marriage relationships. In 1994, after three years of being good friends, we decided to get married. Though we have struggles like any marriage, April 2nd will be our 25th Wedding Anniversary. God has truly blessed us!

My husband Steve is a medically retired disabled Veteran. Because of his medical condition, Steve can’t drive though he enjoys going out and about in the community whenever we get the chance. Steve and I periodically disciple others with God’s word.

Steve enjoys computers, photography, watching movies, riding his bike, playing the guitar and singing, and occasionally writing letters to inmates in prison, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

Steve has five sons who have grown up and moved on to their own lives. Unfortunately, they do not come around and I haven’t had much of an opportunity to get to know them. But we are praying and I know God can turn this around in His time!

In April of 2018, after the passing of our dog Skippy, Steve and I called our friend and asked if she knew of any dogs that needed a home. A few days later, my friend called back and one of her sons had a friend who needed to find a new home for a puppy. We were sent a picture of the puppy who had been rescued from a bad situation. Because of various reasons, the woman who had rescued this puppy could no longer keep her. After seeing the picture and finding out the pertinent information, we decided to take Foxy (who we renamed Roxy) into our home.

The first day Roxy was at our house she spent a few hours hiding under a table in our living room. She was extremely timid and wouldn’t come near us. Eventually our friend coaxed her out from under the table and we got to know each other. Since that day, Roxy has adjusted well to being a member of our family. She enjoys running through the house, playing in our back yard, chewing on whatever she can find and getting hugs. She also jumps on the back of our sofa and love-seat to watch the activity in the kitchen or look out the big picture window in our living room. She also likes riding in the car and looking out the window to see what’s happening. Roxy has provided us with a lot of companionship and we have been blessed!  




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