About Robin

DSC_0024My name is Robin Ulbredtch.  My husband Steve and I live less than one-half mile from Lake Pend O’reille, one of the largest fresh-water lakes in the world. My  home town of Sandpoint, Idaho, is surrounded by evergreen trees, tall mountains, and this beautiful lake. Though I’ve traveled some, this is the most beautiful country I have ever seen. It is truly God’s country, and you can see His fingerprint on every part of it, especially when you look at the beautiful colors and intricate, synchronized parts and patterns of the environment.

I was born in the small community of Bonners Ferry, in the northern “Panhandle Region” of Idaho. I lived in a small village called Moyie Springs until my fourth-grade year of school. Then we moved into the small town of Bonners Ferry, where I attended schools until my sophomore year of high school. Later, because of a change in my father’s occupation, we moved to Lewiston for 18 months. Eventually, because of my grandparents’ health going downhill,  my father transferred back to Sandpoint to be near them and help. I graduated from Sandpoint High School.

In 1976, after one year of academic business classes at Lewis-Clark State College, I married my first husband. After nine years of marriage, I divorced my first husband due to his alcoholic addiction and an abusive relationship.

My two sons and I moved back to Sandpoint where, with God’s help, child support and help from my parents, I raised our two boys. My parents put me to work in their Office Supply Business. I worked for about 16 years and learned many positions in the business. In 1990 my parents sold their business. A couple of years later, due to persecution, I moved on to a new job.

God forgave me for my part in the marriage failure and He has healed my heart and life.  God has given me a new life filled with love, joy, and many other blessings and promises for the future.

In 1994, after promising myself I would never marry again, I met and married my present husband Steve. God used each of us as His tools to help the other one recover from previous, bad marriage relationships. Steve and I have been married about 27 years. God has truly blessed us!

My husband, Steve, is a medically-retired and disabled Veteran. He enjoys computers, photography, playing the guitar and singing, and watching television.  Steve has five sons from a previous marriage, who have grown up and moved on to their own lives. Unfortunately, we don’t have much interaction with most of these sons, but we are praying and I know God can turn this around in His time.

I enjoy nearly all types of arts and crafts, desktop publishing, sewing, quilting, teaching Bible (and other subjects) and writing.

In 2002, I graduated from North Idaho College with an A. S. Degree in Journalism, and with the experience of several other art, computer and photography classes.

Later, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Education from Liberty University Online.

In the summer of 2011, with the help of Westbow Press, I self-published my first book entitled “HEART to heart: A Discipleship and Mentoring Plan.” After that I wrote and self-published an adult Bible study book called “Behold Our Awesome God.” For more information about these books you can see the separate pages on this website. The books are available through amazon.com, westbowpress.com and by special order through your local bookseller.

God has taken my broken heart and life, healed me, and turned turned the bad experiences around for good by allowing me to teach and minister His words to others who are hurting and hopeless. Only God can bring something good out of bad circumstances in our lives–and He does it in a BIG WAY!

So if you are hurting and feeling like your life is hopeless and worthless, I encourage you to go to God, ask for His forgiveness, and invite Him into your heart to become your Lord and Savior.  God can truly heal your broken heart and life.  I know He can do it because He did it for me. There is always hope because Jesus Christ is our hope. He lives forever and He is the source of all life.

I am also working on several websites where I am sharing testimonies and other writing pieces online. Though these sites are continually changing and under construction, I invite you to check out the stories of God’s grace and mercy. Among these websites are http://www.robinulbredtch.com, http://www.testimoniestipstidbits.com, http://www.christianeducationstation.wordpress.com,

http://www.expressionsabouthope.com, and also my page on http://www.amazon.com and my written works at http://www.faithwriters.com. I hope reading these testimonies and other written works will encourage your heart and prove there is always hope in Jesus Christ. He is hope! 

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