Behold Our Awesome God!

9781490869339_COVER.inddBehold Our Awesome God!, my second book is a 13 week Bible study on the attributes of God and how He intervenes in people’s lives. Using stories from the Bible, we can see how God works mightily in the lives of His people.

Each lesson is designed to be completed in one week. The lesson will have between one and three short verses to memorize. The lesson plan opens with prayer and proceeds to a Beginning Activity and then to a Lesson Introduction that prepares the reader for the upcoming time in God’s word.

“In the Word,” the main part of the lesson, takes the reader on a journey into the Bible. Throughout the study, students will see that God is awesome, all-sufficient, everywhere, big, personal, love, all-knowing, the source of life and more divine that we can ever imagine. 

The lessons also explore the three-in-one God who is the heavenly Father, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, the Word-in-flesh, and the Son of God. It shows God in the beginning and, in John, chapter one, shows that Jesus is the word-in-flesh who came and dwelt among us.

Each Bible time is followed by “Questions to Consider” a segment that asks provocative questions which are designed to challenge the student to think about their Bible lesson and what it means for them. It challenges them to open their hearts and minds to the one true, living God.

Journal activities challenge the students to look at their beliefs about God and other topics from scripture. They also encourage the student to write down what they learn and make notes of any questions they have along the way. These can be used as a reference tool along the way and as a help to complete the review activity in Lesson 13.

“Decisions for Life” challenges the student to look at the choices they are making as they go through their journey in life. It also inspires them to consider to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and learn how to make better choices.

The section “Live the Life” shows how to apply the lesson content to the student’s personal life. It contains a choice of up to three activities, each designed to show how one can take the scripture, learn it, and actually apply it to their daily lives. As they apply the scripture on a regular basis and give their hearts to God, they can learn to truly live the Christian life as they seek God.

The lesson comes to a close as the student learns to review, reflect and respond to the material and activities in their weekly lesson and to what they learn about God. Each session ends with a closing prayer.

Behold Our Awesome God can be read by anyone with an eighth-grade reading level or above. It can be used for individual or group studies. Additional helps such as student journal pages, a Teacher-Leader’s Guide, Key Points and a section called “Awesome Answers” have been included in the back of the book. Aside from a Bible and a pen or pencil, there are no additional materials required for this study. 

Behold Our Awesome God can be used for new believers as well as for mature Christians. The lesson questions and activities can add further inspiration and challenge Christians of all ages. It can be used by anyone wanting to learn more about God.

Behold Our Awesome God! is available in E-book, paperback and hardcover form from online booksellers as well as your  local bookstores. It can be purchased from, and other online bookstores. The ISBN number for the paperback is 978-1-4908-6933-9.

I encourage everyone who wants to learn more about God to purchase a book and work through this study. It will help you see how God works in the lives of His people to heal their broken hearts and lives. I know God can do this because He has done it for me.

“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.” (Psalm 34:8 KJV)