I love to write poetry! On this page you will find several short poems that I’ve written. Also, there are several other pages of poetry on this site.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Please feel free to comment.

Music, I Hope!

by Robin Ulbredtch

As I sit in orchestra
and I begin to play–
each little note I find
has its own thing to say.

The tone can go up
or it can go down.
It can be soft
or it can be loud.

The sound can be muffled
or it can be clear.
Each note is different
to the listening ear.

Mix the notes together
and join them with a staff.
Practice them with fervor
and an occasional laugh.

Add a touch of variety
and a little beat.
Out comes music–
I hope the sound is sweet.


by Robin Ulbredtch

Communication is a vital part
Of reaching other peoples’ hearts.
If we could only see
just how critical one can be.
If one would think before they spoke—
If one would laugh or tell a joke—
If one would lend a listening ear–
Or speak words of comfort or cheer—
If one would go the extra mile
To dry a tear or crack a smile—
What a difference one could make
To help a burden dissipate.
If one could touch a heart or soul
it could be healed and made whole.
If one would offer a helping hand—
If one would help a cripple stand—
If even one stepped out in love
to share the gift sent from above—
Then others might understand, at least in part,
Communication’s impact on the human heart.

 Autumn Leaves

by Robin U.

Sunshine paints the leaves
as they dance in autumn trees.
Behold their beauty!

Leaves flutter gently;
soon they’re falling to the ground
coloring our world.

Flutter, leaves flutter!
Paint your beautiful picture
in yellow, orange, and brown.

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