Communication and Matters of the Tongue

One important thing I’ve learned is the power of the words we speak. Scripture tells us the tongue has the power of life and death. Stinging words, once spoken, can never be taken back. I try my best not to hurt others with my tongue, yet I know it still happens from time to time.

I also know how it feels to be the one who receives harsh words and how they can impact your life. This poem is a way that I can express the importance of the words we speak to others.

By Robin Ulbredtch

Communication is a vital part
Of reaching other peoples’ hearts.
If we could only see
just how critical one can be.
If one would think before they spoke—
If one would laugh or tell a joke—
If one would lend a listening ear
Or speak words of comfort or cheer—
If one would go the extra mile
To dry a tear or crack a smile—
What a difference one could make
To help a burden dissipate.

If one could touch a heart or soul
it could be healed and made whole.
If one would offer a helping hand—
If one would help a cripple stand—
If even one stepped out in love
to share the gift sent from above—
then others might understand, at least in part,
communication’s impact on the human heart.

One thought on “Communication and Matters of the Tongue

  1. Honey- you are the most beautiful flower that I’ve ever seen, created by God, touch by God, filled with God, walking with God, anointed of God, walking with God and serving God. What more could I ever want? I love you, need you and want to take care of you the rest of my life. I’m not smart, not handsome, not rich(unless you count Jesus in my life); but I am moving towards Perfection Himself! How can I loose?!? I love you!!


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