Christians Unite!

Christians Unite!

by Robin Ulbredtch

Christians unite in the name of Jesus Christ!
Together we can stand for what Jesus says is right!
Christians unite. From all denominations come!
Let’s show everyone our God, and Jesus Christ, His Son.

Armed with a heavenly goal. ‘Christian’ is our name.
The Bible is our guide to life. Love will win God’s fame.
Let’s set aside our differences and delight in His ‘Good News.’
Then He’ll fill our hearts with love for the work we have to do.

There are sick ones to care for and hungry mouths to feed.
So many people are in such desperate need.
Families are crumbling. Satan’s tearing them apart.
We can strengthen them with God’s love from our heart.

There is so much abuse in the world today.
Crime is so rampant; children can’t safely play.
Some people are greedy; they don’t even care–
for the person who’s starving or filled with despair.

Teens are confused. Who can we blame?
Some adults who bring them great shame.
When parents promote alcohol and drugs, and live for their lust.
Who can the little ones learn to love and trust?

Christians, we have a war to fight, and Satan’s holding on.
He tears at our families, His lies can be really strong.
So Christians let’s come together in a stronger force–
and pray Satan out of our lives, he’s evil’s basic source.

We’re armed with the Bible, encouragement and faith.
We’ll pray to God and He’ll keep us warm and safe.
Arm and arm we’ll march, the Bible in our hand.
God will use our best to heal this polluted land.

Soon Satan will see that the Son God gave–
will overcome any evil He has ever made.
Soon Satan will pay for the damage He’s done.
When God throws him in the fire and his judgements done.

So Christians unite! We have work to do!
Christ is coming soon for me and You.
What an awesome sight Christ would surely see–
if His bride overcame with great victory!

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