Missing Men:

Missing Men:

One problem with Children’s ministry is the lack of adult men helping out.  There were many times the firm hand of a father figure and the example of a man in the ministry room would have been a great help!  I don’t understand why so many men think that Children’s ministry is just for women.

Boys need to have the firmness and example of a godly man in their lives.  During this time we live in, there are many single mothers raising boys that struggle with being firm with them.  These boys need to have someone to provide them with an example for their lives and someone to discuss the issues of life with.  Sometimes a mother just doesn’t understand what is going on in the mind of her son and, especially during adolescence, a growing boy needs someone other than mom to talk with.  I know this from experience as I raised two sons as a single-mother for nearly eight years.

Punch-Out In The Men’s Room:

One day, as usual, during a normal Children’s Church bathroom break, we had no men available to help monitor the boys in the mens’ room.  Therefore, I left the main bathroom door open so I could see the boys while they were washing their hands and as they came out of the stalls.  As soon as each boys was done washing their hands, I sent them back to the classroom.

Suddenly, I heard a big ruckus in the men’s room so I quickly entered to see what the commotion was about.  Apparently one of the older boys crowded in front of one of the younger ones, so the youngster hauled off and punched the older boy really hard in the stomach.  The two were still arguing when I entered the men’s room and made each of the boys sit down in a corner and be quiet until I could talk to them and find out what happened and address the problem.

After the children were all back in the Children’s ministry room, I sat the two boys down and had some serious discussions with them about their behavior.  I told them if it ever happened again, they wouldn’t be allowed in Children’s church.

I never had a repeat of this incident, but I heard that one of the other teachers had it happen to her.  I think the presence of man supervising the children may have prevented this from happening.  At the very least, a man would have known how to handle the situation better.

Men who volunteer to help with Children’s ministry are a rare but valuable asset to the ministry.  Let me reassure those that do help in this, by telling them they are truly appreciated and needed.  This challenge is only one example of the many reasons why men should become involved and be examples and instructors for their children!

Sunday School is for Sissys:

One day, as I was walking down the hall near the Children’s ministry room, I heard a preteen boy talking to one of His friends about Sunday School.  He was telling this friend that he didn’t go to Sunday School because ‘Sunday School’ was for sissy’s.  When his friend asked why he thought that way, the young man replied, ‘Well, all you ever see in Sunday School is women teachers.  If it were really important, more men would get involved.”

Is this the message we want to send to our children about Sunday School and youth ministry?  I think not.  How about you?

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