Classroom Challenges:

The stories on this page and under this category will reveal some of the challenges I experienced in classrooms as I worked in Children’s Ministry. Hopefully you can glean something from these testimonies of my life.

Billions of Books, But Where’s The Bible?

Most Bible curriculums provide books with many Bible stories to present to the students in class.  This is a good thing and it’s important for the students to learn these Bible stories.  However, I have noticed that some curriculums and some teachers do not provide time for their students to dig into the Bible.  They provide many fun activities but leave out the most important part–teaching the students how to look up scripture in God’s word.

I understand that preschoolers and small children may not be able to look up verses in the Bible.  However, the older students need to know how to find answers to questions in the Bible to help them with their daily living.  They need to be able to access scripture and get the answers to questions on their own.  Many students, especially teens, have tough issues to resolve and do not necessarily want to speak to adults about them.  The Bible is a great source of wisdom for the teen that will learn how to use it and apply the scripture to their daily life.  And who knows?  Perhaps this can be a means of teens building a personal relationship with God. 

Sometimes we have access to a multitude of resources–including billions of books.  But where’s the Bible?

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