Distractions! Distractions!

Depressed Duo:

One year, when I taught a class of primary-age children, two of the girls repeatedly came to class with extremely depressed outlooks. They never smiled, and no matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t get them to crack a smile or participate in class. I literally had to pry any conversation out of them. I don’t know why they were so depressed, but I tried everything I could think of to get them to change their outlook. After a while, this depressed duo distracted me and made me feel depressed too!

I finally spoke with the two girls, and they wouldn’t tell me why they were sad all the time. So I approached the parents with the problem. This time discussion with the parents didn’t seem to help.

Those two girls spent a year in class with sullen looks on their faces, being the depressed duo. I was relieved when they finally graduated and went up to the next grade level.

I prayed many prayers for that depressed duo because I thought it was some kind of spiritual attack. I knew God answered prayers, and He knew what was going on.

Since that time, one of the girls moved away. I still see the other one from time to time, and she seems to have come out from under the depression. I praise God for His answers to prayer!

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