God’s Infinite Love

        God’s Infinite Love
        By Robin Ulbredtch

I recently found a wonderful thing–
God’s love for man, His created being.
God sacrificed His Only Son
so the souls of men might be won.

When we’re born again and follow His rules,
God gives us treasure worth more than jewels.
He gives salvation to those who follow–
and keeps their lives from being hollow.

With salvation, when you believe–
God’s precious gifts, you will receive.
God gives us guidance from above
and fills our lives with His great love.

God gives us everything we need.
He’ll guide us if His word we’ll heed.
He forgives us of our sin
when we repent and invite Him in.

So do not worry and do not grieve–
in His hands, your burdens leave.
Pray for guidance from above.
Then know His answer comes in love.

He’ll always do what’s best for us
if in Him, we’ll put our trust.
For His love was proven by His grace
when He died on the cross and took our place.

So why not do it today?
Learn about Jesus and live life His way.
Then best of all you’ll have a friend
Who will travel with you to the end.

So why not give Jesus a chance?
Why not ask Him to take your hand?
Why not belong to the Father above?
Why not experience God’s infinite love?

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