Who Could He Be?

Who Could He Be?
(By Robin Ulbredtch)

There was a little baby, born a long time ago.
He had a special mission that His friends could never know.
His mother was a virgin; His Father dwells above.
This little boy’s heart was filled with compassion and love.

He taught in the temple when He was only twelve.
He focused on others instead of Himself.
He fed 5,000 people from two fish and some bread.
He turned water into wine the day a couple wed.

He demonstrated power beyond humanity.
Who is this mysterious fellow? Who could He be?
He spoke words given to Him from above.
He came to our our pure example of love.

He healed many people; some were blind and couldn’t see.
He taught them many lessons on living righteously.
He came to His disciples in a boat out on the see
when a raging storm threatened their future destiny.

He calmed the raging storm and He walked upon the sea.
Then He asked them boldly, “Won’t you have faith in Me?”
He traveled many miles with one thought on His mind–
doing only His Father’s will–saving mankind.

He demonstrated God’s power while people watched to see.
“Who is this mysterious fellow? Who could He be?”
Soon the answer came in a way they didn’t want to see–
when God’s Son, Jesus, died on the cross at Calvary.

He fulfilled His special mission and did the Father’s will.
He conquered sin and death, when He died upon that hill.
Jesus rose from His grave on day number three–
and made a way to heaven for you and for me.

Oh, that little baby–born so long ago–
has prepared a heavenly place for you and me to go.
He lives in believer’s hearts and shows us the way
and when we reach heaven, “twill be a glorious day!”


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