God Meets The Challenges!

As we look ahead in Bible prophesy, we can only conclude that this world is going to continually grow increasingly evil as time goes by.  Increasing evil and/or spiritual darkness can only mean the challenges Christians workers face will be increasingly harder to bear. Fortunately, Jesus won the battle on the cross of Calvary, and all we have to do is continue the race.  In the tough moments we need to stand firm in God’s power–not our human strength.  If we pray and give our problems to God and stand fast and watch, we will eventually see the deliverance of the Lord.

Only God’s power can answer the challenges we face daily as we try to impart God’s Word to a large mixture of people who have chosen a life of sin. They have rebelled against Him, denied His existence, followed every other path and tried to erase Him off the face of the earth.  Unfortunately, many of these people don’t truly understand the magnitude of that decision. They don’t want to face the fact that God is God and judgment day will come, whether or not they choose to believe in Him. What a sad day it will be when they stand before God and answer for their lives.  Fortunately, God’s power is more than strong enough to penetrate these hardened hearts and transform lives.  Nothing is impossible for God! However, He still allows us to make the choice.

God has chosen His children to be His vessels; He wants us to bring His gospel message to unbelievers and back-sliders.  He also wants us to build up, train, and equip the saints for works of service.  He doesn’t want us sitting on the sidelines watching the multitudes of people step closer to hell with each passing day.

God empowers His children so He can work through us in miraculous ways.  With God’s power indwelling our hearts, we can do whatever He requires of us–if we are willing.  We must always remember, however, God is the builder, not us.  He uses us to share His living Word with others.  As we share, He builds.

Paul explains this in 1 Corinthians 3:5-10 where he says, “What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe–as the Lord has assigned each to His task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.  So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.  The man who plants and the man who waters have one thing in common, and each will be rewarded according to his own labor.  For we are God’s fellow workers, you are God’s field, God’s building. By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds.”

Like Paul, the grace God gives us builds the foundation. We are only the Lord’s instruments. He uses us as we walk with Him and share His word with others.  He uses us to sow, plant, water and reap the harvest of souls. He alone makes the seeds grow.

When we allow God to work through us, He wants us to be careful how we work. He wants us to do as He says, and do the work as He desires.  God gives special callings to those people He chooses.  He calls some to be pastors, teachers, evangelists, apostles and prophets.  Each of these have their special purpose, whether it be sowing, planting, watering or reaping souls or working to build up and equip the saints.

God also gives spiritual gifts (one or more gifts) to each person. These gifts such as encouragement, administration, serving, helping, healing, giving, faith and working miracles are used for various purposes.  Some are for building and equipping the saints and some are for displaying God’s awesome power to the lost world.  Each gift God gives comes with accountability and responsibility.  God wants us to use these gifts for His kingdom and not to bury them.  We will have to answer to Him for what we do with the gifts He has given us.  I pray God will show each one what their gifts are and the purpose for which He gave them.  I also pray that each person’s response to God will be “Yes, Lord!”

Teaching and other works of God require commitment, dedication, effort and faith on the part of the person God calls.  A teacher or worker of God who isn’t committed won’t be a good example to those around them.  Also, a negative Christian worker will give the people around them the idea that being a Christian is a bad, but necessary task.  On the contrary, a happy and committed worker will pass excitement, joy and love for the people and things of God on to those around them.

Whenever we, as Christian workers, get depressed and/or negative we need to get our eyes back on our Awesome God.  Remember He loves us and He is working things out for our good.  Though in times of suffering, we sometimes can’t see the good with our natural eyes.  We have to fix our eyes on Jesus and stand, and above all stand.

We also have a wonderful book, God’s Word, called the Holy Bible to remind us of these miracles and to give us instruction for living our lives in a way that will glorify God.

We also have a beautiful creation around us to remind us of His awesome power and how much bigger He is.  God uses creation to demonstrate His miraculous power and to provide enjoyment for us.

Whatever challenges come our way, God is more than qualified to help us go through them or to meet and resolve them Himself. God knew, even before we were born, what challenges would come our way. (Read Psalm 139) God knows everything and He’s all-powerful so He can meet–and has already beat–all of the challenges we face in our lives.  He just wants us to trust Him as we walk through them with Him.

God uses the challenges in our lives to change us, equip or teach us and to prepare us for our place in His heavenly household.  God has already won the victory! He’s defeated Satan and his allies.  God’s preparing a people, a kingdom of kings and priests who will rule and reign with Him forever.

So if you are a born again child of God and you are facing challenges in your life, ask God for His help and know He will come to your aid.  The battle belongs to the Lord and He will be faithful to fight for His children!  In the end, if we are faithful, God will be glorified through our obedience and the things He does through us as we live our daily lives. God IS faithful!

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