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Steve and Robin Ulbredtch compiled more than 425 articles, written by William Curtis Harvard, into this new book. Hidden Treasures is a combination of true stories and illustrations of how life experiences can turn into lessons.

Not only does Hidden Treasures offer a vast wealth of natural and spiritual riches, it also offers a trip down memory lane as you remember the old television programs, news items, and events from the past. Curt collected a wealth of information from newspapers, magazines and other resources and used them to teach Biblical lessons. Hidden Treasures is a great investment, full of stories and lessons for people of all ages.

Back Cover Text:

“(…) silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee (…).” –Acts 3:6 KJV

Hidden Treasures! offers the key to a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and other intangible riches to help people navigate through the bumpy places on their path through life. From humorous antics of young children to various experiences of adult life, the heartfelt stories contain nuggets of truth to help others.

Provoking and heartwarming, Curt’s articles challenge the reader to consider the choices they make in life, to make good choices, and to find the key that unlocks the source and brings eternal treasures such as love, joy, and peace into their lives.

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About the Author:

William Curtis (Curt) was born to William and Mary Harvard on June 26, 1925, in Corsicana, Texas. Curt’s parents, school teachers, struggled to provide for their family during the Great Depression.

In 1933 Mary took the two boys and moved to California. Curt’s father came later, and got a job selling newspapers. Curt’s first job was also selling newspapers.

During his younger years Curt rode the railways across the U. S. Curt experienced difficult times, learning from the school of hard knocks.

At age 25 Curt went to work for the California Division of Forestry as a firefighter. Later he finished school to qualify for the position of “Ranger.” During this time, Curt discovered his writing ability, and met and married Marge. Curt and Marge moved to Sandpoint, Idaho, around 1980.

At age 55 Curt met the Lord, who changed his life forever. Since then, Curt spent 25 years writing and sharing true stories with others. These stories came together in the pages of “Hidden Treasures!

From the Compilers:

It’s both an honor and privilege to compile this collection of written works, by William Curtis Harvard, into a book. It was a dream of Curt’s to have the articles compiled into a book and published.

My husband, Steve, and I know Curt through our involvement with the Bonner Gospel Mission. Steve would play his guitar and sing a few praise and worship songs with the men before Curt taught his daily Bible lesson to those at the mission.

We also knew Curt who was an Elder for several years at our church, Sandpoint Christian Center. Curt truly sought the Lord and tried to live his life worthy of the call God had for him.

Hidden Treasures was named for the vast wealth of natural and spiritual treasures contained in the written works, a collection of more than 425 articles. Many of the articles were previously printed in the Bonner County Daily Bee or in the weekly Bulletin from Sandpoint Christian Center.

Steve and I tried to keep the articles as close to the original writings as possible. Curt used the New King James version of The Holy Bible but, because of the large quantity of scriptures used, it was necessary to change the verses to the King James Version to meet copyright law requirements.

Curt’s articles consist of two main types: newspaper articles and bulletin articles. In this book the newspaper articles were formatted in newspaper style so the article types could be distinguished. The newspaper articles do not appear exactly as they did when printed in the Bonner County Daily Bee.

The Bulletin articles are typed out in a large print so they can be easily read. These articles were set up in a single-column format—as Curt wrote them.

Steve and I contacted some of Curt’s friends and had them write something on Curt’s behalf. Vern Harvey, Charlie Doolittle and C. Max Kalben (former Director of Bonner Gospel Mission) testify regarding the character of Curt Harvard and express their personal thoughts about him.

Though Curt Harvard went home to heaven before this book was finished, I pray he can look down at us and rejoice at the fulfillment of his dream in Hidden Treasures!

Steve and I also pray that many people will be blessed by Hidden Treasures! So read on, enjoy the stories, and see what hidden treasures you can find to enrich your heart and life. Perhaps, if you haven’t already, you will discover the source of these eternal treasures.

May God bless you all; To Him be the glory!

Robin Ulbredtch