How Media Can Influence Us

How Media Can Influence Us In this world of instant gratification, Satan and his allies have devised powerful, action-packed media such as compact disks, dvds, computer games and programs, radio and television programs, learning, music, podcasts, sounds, videos and a wide variety of materials to learn about anything a person desires to learn. They use … Continue reading How Media Can Influence Us

God Used Nehemiah to Encourage Me

God works in amazing ways! He knows when we need His encouragement and reassurance, and God provides these needs by communicating with His people via the Holy Spirit and God’s written word, The Holy Bible. During these last days prior to Jesus coming back for the church, the Bible warns people about many false Christ’s … Continue reading God Used Nehemiah to Encourage Me

Hidden Treasures!Robin’s Latest Book is Available from

April 7, 2020 Late this evening my latest book project became a reality. Hidden Treasures: A Collection of Writings by William Curtis Harvard was completed and can now be purchased exclusively on William Curtis Harvard is listed as the main author and I am also listed as an author. Several others have also contributed … Continue reading Hidden Treasures!Robin’s Latest Book is Available from

Who Could He Be?

There was a little baby--born a long time ago. He had a special mission that His friends could never know. His mother was a virgin; His Father dwells above. This baby boy's heart overflowed with compassion and love. He taught in the temple when He was only twelve. He focused on others instead of Himself. … Continue reading Who Could He Be?

God’s Infinite Love

God's Infinite Love I recently heard of a wonderful thing-- God's love for man, His created being. God sacrificed His only Son so the soul's of men might be won. When we're born again and follow God's rules, He gives us treasure worth more than jewels. He gives salvation to those who follow-- and keeps … Continue reading God’s Infinite Love

We Wait With Hope For Jesus

We wait with hope for Jesus. He's our heavenly King. He travels each day within us, and provides for all our needs. We wait with hope for Jesus and to see our heavenly home-- where tears and pain will fade away and we'll never be left alone. We wait with hope for Jesus. He's coming … Continue reading We Wait With Hope For Jesus

Encouragement for Persecution

August 28, 2015 Today I read a horrifying report from Jay Seculow at the ACLJ on the terrible acts being committed against Christians in Syria, Iran, and other countries in that area. We Christians need to get down and pray for the Christians being persecuted all over the world. Though, as individuals, we are not … Continue reading Encouragement for Persecution