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How Media Can Influence Us

How Media Can Influence Us

In this world of instant gratification, Satan and his allies have devised powerful, action-packed media such as compact disks, dvds, computer games and programs, radio and television programs, learning, music, podcasts, sounds, videos and a wide variety of materials to learn about anything a person desires to learn. They use these tools to attract people, stir up their interests and/or temptations and to draw them into evil belief systems and thinking patterns. They feed people lies about multitudes of topics and use media to attract audiences to need or want some new product. Media can stir up such strong desires in people that they drop what they are doing to run to the store to purchase the advertised product or donate money to the causes they hear or see in advertisements.

Our society’s selfish “instant gratification” and “status quo” attitudes contribute to some of our societies’ illness. These attitudes stem from pride, a sinful heart that says, “What I want is more important than anyone or anything else. I am the best and/or most important person here, the only one that matters.” The person with this heart attitude has little patience and tolerance toward anyone else and will not settle for anything less than what they want when they want it. It doesn’t matter if someone else gets hurts trying to do the best they can to fulfill their personal desire.

Many media programs and/or products promote following the life-patterns of Satan’s world agenda. They glamorize and promote perverted lusts, unnatural desires and relationships, and any other perverted, sinful evil they can conjure up. They use their powerful influence and tools to promote greed, selfishness, destruction of families, individuals, marriages, and nations.

Some media broadcasters and products promote the idea that “the pasture is greener and better anywhere but home.” They try to encourage or entice people to look for relationships outside of their marriages because most marriages take commitment and the couple goes through difficult times. Yet those who promote this idea of “the pasture is greener and better anywhere but home” fail to let people know that every relationship goes through difficult times, and being alone—because of a fear of commitment—is not fulfilling either.

Another lie that is promoted by media and advertisers is the idea that “we have to be beautiful, handsome, skinny or wealthy or we are worthless.” Why do they have to send that lie out to the public? They use beautiful or handsome people on all of the product advertisements, giving the public the idea that if they don’t fit the mold, they are worthless. This is a big lie!

In God’s eyes, we are all beautiful and He loves every one of us. God sent Jesus, His one and only begotten Son, to pay the penalty for our sins so we might have eternal life. God offers this gift to each individual, if they will only accept it. If God places such a high value on people, who are we to go against Him? Each person was created in the image of God to bring Him glory and pleasure on earth. We are accepted as we are: without tons of makeup, with our extra pounds and our weaknesses. We all have been given gifts by God and those who may not be so handsome and beautiful on the outside probably have the most beautiful hearts—humble, loving, and giving to God and others. Yet many people spend huge amounts of money to try to fit into this perfect person mold, even when it’s impossible. Also, many people become depressed and discouraged and some even commit suicide because they try so hard to fit in with the crowd and cannot be as perfect as the false illusion society has created for them to try to attain.

Some people stir up racial tensions and destroy friendships among people of different races. They promote their fanatical beliefs and use them as wedges, even to the point of creating wars within nations—all to promote their own selfish agendas. They don’t care how many people die as long as they get what they want. And worst of all are those who say they really care but do everything they possibly can to destroy our nation and its citizens!

 We have seen this in action as the leaders of our country and the news media who do everything possible to try to destroy our freedoms, our blessings, and even our people—all so they can promote their own communist agenda and take the money away from the citizens who have worked hard to earn it. We have also seen it in those who came up with Covid virus and tried to use it to control the numbers of people living on earth (for population control) or as a biological warfare tool.

Media, a powerful influence, can be used for both good and evil. Yet, how often do we see an exciting game or television program that excites people so much that they immediately want to go ask or tell someone about Jesus? How often do we see programs that teach our children about Jesus or even provide clean entertainment? What about the games we have installed on our home computers or the game machines we purchase to entertain our youth?

Not long ago I went shopping at a local department store looking for a game for my grandson’s Xbox game machine. As I began to look through the game choices, all I saw was games that were filled with dark spiritual forces. There was nothing that could encourage my grandson to desire good behavior or entertain him without a bunch of killing, dragons, dungeons, magic or witchcraft. I finally settled on a car racing game but I’m not sure that was even a good influence. My grandson is only a few years away from getting his driver’s license and I don’t want him to think racing the car is a fun, entertaining pastime. He needs to understand the seriousness of driving and realize you or someone else can really get hurt by goofing off while you’re driving.

As God’s children, we should be able to use these tools provided for us to create more educational and clean entertainment, games, movies, teaching materials, reading materials, and a variety of other media to help spread the Gospel and equip/train up the body of Christ. We should be able to create Bible lessons and programs which hold peoples’ interest and create excitement for the things of God. With the Holy Spirit living in us, we should have a more alluring, more powerful presentation than the one the world creates to promote the things of darkness. The eternal gifts God gives us are much greater than the temporary things this world has to offer.

So why don’t we put as much effort, money and time–as the world does into promoting their products and viewpoints–into praying and promoting the things of God? After all, we have the greatest things to offer—true and lasting things—like Jesus, forgiveness, joy, love, peace, and all of the wonderful blessings and promises God has bestowed upon us.

In Matthew 28:18-20 NIV scripture says, “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Though there are some media available to help with this mandate, we could still create and have more products available for helping us disciple and share God’s word with others.

If all of God’s children would make an effort to share the testimonies of what God has done in their lives, whether through audio or video, the witness of God would be so strong and God would be glorified all across the world. With the internet and the powerful podcast and video capabilities, these testimonies could be promoted worldwide. Even countries that deny Jesus Christ could not stop the influx of the message of the gospel. The evidence would be so overwhelming that more people would believe that Jesus is alive and real. Though some people, even in spite of the powerful evidence will not accept Jesus Christ, they would not be able to say that they never heard of or knew about Him. Even if they said Jesus Christ does not exist, that would not make it so.

In conclusion, I believe it’s time for God’s people to step up to the plate and make the truth known. We need to confront these evil spiritual lies and weapons so the people can come to know the truth—Jesus Christ. The people need to know there is a God who loves them and cares for them more than any human ever could. The people also need to know that those who bring this great spiritual destruction upon us will have to stand before Almighty God and give an account for their actions, whether they believe in Him now or not. Refusing to believe that God exists and is real doesn’t make it true! God will deal with them in His perfect timing.

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God Used Nehemiah to Encourage Me

God works in amazing ways! He knows when we need His encouragement and reassurance, and God provides these needs by communicating with His people via the Holy Spirit and God’s written word, The Holy Bible.

During these last days prior to Jesus coming back for the church, the Bible warns people about many false Christ’s who come to deceive people, many wars and rumors of war, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. God’s people will go through tribulation, some will be killed and all will be hated because of their beliefs about Christ Jesus. Lawlessness will abound and the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. (Matthew 24:1-14 NKJV)

As we see these signs coming true all around us, including Covid-19, we can get discouraged and overwhelmed. God sees us and knows when to encourage us. One day, in the spring of 1996, I was in a place of discouragement and feeling overwhelmed. I thought the bottom had fallen out of my life and future, and I was left feeling helpless. I felt like I had a rug pulled out from under me and I was suspended in air, expecting to fall on my face at any moment. I didn’t know how to fix any of the circumstances that plagued me. Nor did I know how to move forward in my life or which direction to go. Consequently, I sat in my office chair, stared at my computer screen and begin to cry as Satan bombarded my mind with thoughts like “My whole life is falling apart right before my eyes and there is nothing I can do about it.”

Throughout my life I have been plagued with feeling unaccepted and worthless. When I came to know Jesus Christ all of that changed. He accepts me for who I am and values me a great deal. He even died on the cross at Calvary to pay the penalty for my sins and to gift me the gifts of eternal life, forgiveness, salvation, adoption into His family and a great inheritance. God is changing me from the inside out. I am a work in progress and I still battle with many past hurts and bad memories. Yet I know God will be faithful to complete the work He has begun in me.

These feelings of worthlessness were magnified in years of abuse I endured from being married to an alcoholic. After six years of daily abuse (mental, physical and verbal), I finally divorced my first husband so my two sons and I could begin a new life apart from abuse. Yet Satan tried to heap piles of condemnation and guilt on me for breaking up my family. Satan kept bombarding my mind with thoughts like “It’s your fault your husband was an alcoholic and you were the cause of marriage failure.” I finally got some counsel and found out it was all a lie. Though I had issues that didn’t help the situation, I did not cause my husband to drink and my marriage to fail. It was all a lie Satan used to try to get me depressed and discouraged.

In 1975 my parents purchased shares in a small office supply business. In 1978 my first husband and I worked for them. My husband worked as an office machine repairman. I occasionally worked part-time, temporary jobs such as helping with inventory or doing light bookkeeping. When my first son was born in February of 1980, I quit work and stayed home to care for him. In 1984, my second son was born and I stayed home and chased after two small children all day long.

In 1986 my divorce was finalized and my two sons and I moved in with my parents in Sandpoint, Idaho. We stayed with them for about six months. During this time, I looked for work but nobody seemed to want to take a chance with someone who had been out of the workforce for four years. Finally, my parents gave me a job in Sandpoint office supply store. I worked full time as a cashier—sales clerk and I enjoyed the interaction with the customers.

In January of 1987 my family of three moved into a two-bedroom apartment in Sandpoint. With God’s intervention, help from my family, and child support from the children’s father, we began to adjust to the change, heal up from the emotional trauma, and move forward in our new life. Later we moved into a three-bedroom apartment in the same complex so the boys could each have their own bedroom.

In 1990 my parents sold their office supply business, now consisting of three stores, and retired. They spent a few years traveling to Mexico during the winter and coming home in the spring. Eventually my parents and my sister moved to Arizona to get away from the cold north Idaho winters.

Since my family of three had finally settled in to our new home and my oldest son was attending school, I didn’t want to uproot my family again to move to Arizona. Besides, I love the evergreen trees, lakes, and mountains that surround my hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho. I would have been homesick within a week of moving into the desert area. In addition, I don’t fare well in hot weather. Therefore, I chose to remain in Sandpoint but we missed my family a great deal.

I continued working in that Sandpoint Office Supply store and watched to see how the new owners operated the business. My heart sank when I realized they didn’t seem to care about the customers or the employees. In addition they kept asking me to lie to the customers and tell them their copier supplies were on backorder when the supplier was not shipping out the order because the bill was not paid on time. They also wanted me to lie about warranty repairs and other issues. I refused to lie for them and requested to be moved out of the service department and put back out on the sales floor. I know some people were not happy about this but it was the right thing for me to do. I also knew I was no longer happy working in that place and it would soon be time to move on. Yet I didn’t quit my job because I didn’t have a new job lined up and I didn’t want to forfeit my unemployment benefits.

For a few more years I stayed working at the office supply store. I watched as these three new owners drained the life, money and net worth out of the stores that my parents poured 15 years of their life, money and time to build up. It broke my heart to see the great devastation happening around me every day as I worked.

From 1991 to 1994 I met and came to know my neighbor, Steve, who lived in an apartment a few doors down from us, in the same complex. As Steve and I got to know each other, God used us to help heal one another from past bad relationships. We fell in love and got married in 1994. Steve encouraged me to endure through this trying time. He also brought added income into our household which helped lesson the stress I carried with me through this trial.

Finally, in 1996, the day came when the personnel manager called me into her office to cut my hours from full time to four hours a week, on Saturday. When I asked her why they were doing this, she started down a list of rehearsed half-truths and lies they made up to get rid of me. I confronted her and told her I wanted to know the truth. The personnel manager quickly called up the lady that managed all three stores, and she came to talk to me.

This lady manager had previously been fired by my parents for promiscuity with sales representatives who came to visit our stores. She also had an alcohol addiction. This lady was rehired by the manager whom my father had in place when he sold the stores. Somehow this woman managed to convince the new owners to hire her and later to fire the present store manager and let her manage the three office supply stores.

When this lady manager came in to the personnel office I asked her why she was cutting my hours back. She started down the same rehearsed list of half-truths and lies that the personnel manager had tried to use to convince me. I told her I knew that list was a bunch of lies and I wanted to know the real reason why she was cutting my hours back.

“I’m sick and tired of hearing about your religion around here,” she said loudly in front of the personnel manager. The ironic part of this was that I rarely, if ever, spoke to her about my Christian beliefs because I knew she believed in reincarnation as was not open to the gospel.

I do admit having conversations about my Christian beliefs with many customers whom I knew were also Christians. However, I avoided controversial topics because I didn’t want any conflict in the store. Our discussions were brief moments and generally about how the customers were doing or what activities their church was doing. I tried to encourage those who were struggling. Then we would quickly go to find the office products they needed.

After finally hearing the truth for having my hours cut back, I proceeded to speak with the office secretary who was a Christian sister and friend. I told her what happened and that I could get the manager lady—and possibly the store owners—in a lot of trouble if I reported what had happened. The secretary went to speak with the store owner and eventually came back with a check for me that was equal to the amount of the three weeks of paid vacation I had coming. I finally went home. Afterwards, I worked three or four of those short Saturday shifts. Finally the lady manager called me into her office and fired me.

A few days later I went to work for the competition, a book and office supply store that was about two blocks away from my former job. I worked in that store for about a year. During the last few months of my employment, the boss asked me to train two new girls. These girls were energetic and would jump in and do tasks without knowing the correct procedure. They just wanted the job done, even if they did it wrong. They would not wait while I finished the sale with my customer or finished filling out the paper I was working on so I could show them how to do the job correctly. Consequently several mistakes were made and I ended up getting fired for it.

Later I spoke with the store owner and he admitted he didn’t know who was responsible for the chaos and confusion. I told him my side of the story. He was cordial and listened but did not change his mind and hire me back. Years later I realized the chaos and confusion was from Satan, the Christians’ adversary who is out to rob, kill, and destroy God’s people.

In 1996, after enduring the marriage failure and being fired from two jobs, I sat in my office chair, staring at my computer screen, weeping and wondering, “Now what, Lord? No one will hire me now because of my past record. Selling office products is the only job I know. I’ve applied at every place in town that I know sells office products and haven’t heard a word from anyone. Nobody seems to be willing to give me another chance. What about the future of my family? How can I help provide the things they need?”

I looked down at my desk and noticed my Bible. I flipped open the pages and looked down at a page that had the title “Nehemiah” on it. Suddenly a couple of verses seemed to leap off of the page at me:  “And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, ‘Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.’” (Nehemiah 4:14 NKJV)

At that moment I knew God was still with me and He would help me. I also knew He was bigger and more powerful than all of my problems. I knew God wanted me to keep moving forward, keep looking for work, and keep trusting Him to lead and guide me. So I picked myself up, read through the book of Nehemiah, and began moving on. I searched for employment a few more weeks and finally God answered my prayers.

As I walked in to a local fast-food restaurant to put my application in, I had no idea that God was going to work a miracle in my life. I did not know the restaurant manager was a Christian sister and friend with whom I had worked, doing Children’s Church for over a year. As we did the Children’s church service my friend, Norma, and I got to know one another fairly well. Apparently God had positioned Norma so she would see me come through the kitchen with the other job applicants on our way to view a video and do paperwork in the break room. I submitted my application, with my new last name and previous employment record. A few days later, this restaurant called me in for an interview.

Norma listened as I explained what had happened that caused me to get fired from my previous two jobs. She asked a few questions which I answered. Then she said something like this, “Robin, I know these bad things that happened were not your fault.” She hired me to work full time (six-hour shifts) in the grill area where they do food preparation and build the sandwiches. I worked about eight years in that kitchen area learning how to prepare the food and then teaching others how to do the same. During this time, I also worked part-time for a few years while I attended Journalism classes at North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

In conclusion, God used scripture from the Biblical book of Nehemiah to remind me of His great power, to reassure me of His love and that He was with me in the midst of the struggle, and to encourage me to press on even when the situation looked impossible.

Our God (Father, Son-Jesus, and The Holy Spirit) is the miracle worker! Circumstances that are impossible for people to overcome are opportunities for God to work and to display His awesome love, might, power and strength to the world who desperately needs to see them and believe. Furthermore, when impossible circumstances oppress God’s people, He comes to deliver, protect, and rescue them from danger. God does this because He loves people, especially His own!

So be encouraged. God loves you. If you find yourself in a place of disillusionment and being overwhelmed, turn to God. Ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and invite Him to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior. Ask Him to fight the battle for you. Then stand back, wait, do what God tells you to do, and watch to see the deliverance of the Lord. If you have already been born again, do the same. Then know that God will fight on your behalf because He is faithful and He loves you dearly!

For an example of the deliverance of God, read the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20:1-21. It is also another great encouragement. “…Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” (Nehemiah 4:14 NKJV)

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Hidden Treasures!Robin’s Latest Book is Available from

April 7, 2020

Late this evening my latest book project became a reality. Hidden Treasures: A Collection of Writings by William Curtis Harvard was completed and can now be purchased exclusively on William Curtis Harvard is listed as the main author and I am also listed as an author. Several others have also contributed to this book. Hidden Treasures has been a challenging project that my husband, Steve, and I began in 2012. It has been a challenge and many hours were spent researching quotes and other information Curt retrieved from reading magazine articles and news publications. These quotes, etc. needed to be researched so proper credit could be given to the originator and the copyright law could also be observed. Also, scripture verses had to be changed from the New King James version of the Bible to the King James version which is now public domain. Though the task of compiling these articles was an overwhelming challenge, God got us through it.

I hope you all enjoy reading the heart-warming stories and wisdom literature contained in the pages of Hidden Treasures! The treasures you will find in this book are mainly unseen as they originate with the Holy Spirit who works through Curt to share. Among the treasures are the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the mercy and grace of God, and the precious pearl–Jesus Christ. You will find many other treasures as you read through the pages of this book.

Hidden Treasures! was also meant to be a legacy and remembrance of brother Curt Harvard. Curt was an Elder at Sandpoint Christian Center for several years as well as a teacher at Bonner Gospel Mission. He is missed by many who still walk their pilgrimage with the Lord while Curt has gone home to heaven. Thank you, God, for the time we had with brother William Curtis Harvard!

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Communication has a vital part.

It touches every person’s heart.

If one would only try to see

how critical it can be.

If one would think before they spoke–

If one would laugh or tell a joke–

If one would lend a listening ear

or speak words of comfort or cheer–

If one would go the extra mile

to dry a tear or crack a smile–

what a difference it could make

to help a burden dissipate. 

If one could touch a heart or soul

they might help to make it whole.

If one would offer a helping hand–

If one would help a crippled one stand–

then others might begin to see

How vital communication can be.

If one would give a hat or glove

to meet a need with a gift of love–

then one might understand, at least in part,

communication’s impact on the human heart.

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Who Could He Be?

There was a little baby–born a long time ago.

He had a special mission that His friends could never know.

His mother was a virgin; His Father dwells above.

This baby boy’s heart overflowed with compassion and love.

He taught in the temple when He was only twelve.

He focused on others instead of Himself.

He fed 5,000 people from two fish and some bread.

He turned water into wine the day a couple wed.

He demonstrated power–beyond humanities.

Who was this mysterious fellow? Who could He be?

He spoke words given to Him from above.

He came to be our example of love.

He healed many people; some blind who couldn’t see.

He taught them lessons about living righteously.

He came to His disciples who were in a boat on the sea

when a raging storm threatened their future destiny.

He calmed the raging storm; He walked upon the sea.

He looked them in eyes and asked, “Won’t you trust in me?”

He traveled many miles with one thought in His mind–

doing only His Father’s will–saving mankind.

He displayed God’s power and people watched to see.

“Who is this mysterious fellow?” they asked. “Who could He be?”

Soon their answer came–in a way they didn’t want to see–

When God’s Son, Jesus, died upon that tree.

Jesus fulfilled His special mission; He did the Father’s will.

He conquered sin and death, when He died up on that hill.

Jesus rose from the grave, on day number three–

He paid our penalty for sin–for you and for me. 

Oh, that little baby–born so long ago–

prepares a place in heaven, for you and me to go.

If we would only ask Him for forgiveness

and invite Him into our heart–

He would give us eternal life and love;

From us, He will never depart.

He lives in our heart and shows us the way.

When we reach heaven, “twill be a glorious day!”


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God’s Infinite Love

God’s Infinite Love

I recently heard of a wonderful thing–

God’s love for man, His created being.

God sacrificed His only Son

so the soul’s of men might be won.

When we’re born again and follow God’s rules,

He gives us treasure worth more than jewels.

He gives salvation to those who follow–

and keeps their lives from being hollow.

With salvation, when you believe–

God’s precious gifts, you will receive.

God gives us guidance from above

and fills our lives with His great love.

God gives us everything we need,

He’ll guide us if, His word we’ll heed.

God forgives all of our sin

if we repent and invite Him in.

So do not worry and do not grieve–

in His hands, your burdens leave.

Pray for guidance from above;

then know God’s answer comes in love.

He’ll always do what’s best for us–

if in God, we’ll put our trust.

For God’s love was proven by His grace

when Jesus died on the cross, taking our place.

So why not do it today–

learn about Jesus; live life His way.

Then, best of all, you’ll have a friend

who will walk with you to your journey’s end.

So why not give Jesus a chance?

Why not ask Him to take your hand?

Why not belong to the Father above?

Why not experience God’s infinite love? 


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We Wait With Hope For Jesus

We wait with hope for Jesus.

He’s our heavenly King.

He travels each day within us,

and provides for all our needs.

We wait with hope for Jesus

and to see our heavenly home–

where tears and pain will fade away

and we’ll never be left alone.

We wait with hope for Jesus.

He’s coming some day soon

to take away the wickedness

and make us all brand new.

We wait with hope for Jesus

for He’s our faithful brother.

He gives us strength for each new day

and helps us love each other.

We wait with hope for Jesus.

He sent the Holy Spirit.

He leads the way through troubled days

and helps us not to fear it.

We wait with hope for Jesus.

He’s our great Shepherd.

He leads the flock, finds the lost,

and keeps us all together.

We wait with hope for Jesus.

He has great healing power.

He binds our wounds, heals our hearts,

and restores our lives forever.

We wait with hope for Jesus.

He’s our blessed King.

He paid the price to buy our life,

and gave us everything.

We wait with hope for Jesus.

For no where can we find–

the kind of love and tenderness

He gives to human kind.

We wait with hope for Jesus

who–in splendor–rides.

He comes with might and majesty

to rescue us–His bride.

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Encouragement for Persecution

August 28, 2015

Today I read a horrifying report from Jay Seculow at the ACLJ on the terrible acts being committed against Christians in Syria, Iran, and other countries in that area. We Christians need to get down and pray for the Christians being persecuted all over the world. Though, as individuals, we are not able to stand against this ISIS and other terrorists, we know that our God can defeat them. In 2 Chronicles 20, the Bible tells about King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judea. They found out that multitudes of armies of their enemies were coming to war against them. The King gathered his people in the temple to pray and seek God concerning the battle. They received instruction from God and obeyed, and God wiped out their enemies. We need to follow their example and pray for those who are under siege from their enemies. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and they need all the support we can give them. So please take time out to pray for them!

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God Is Faithful!

A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday evening, my husband had bad pain in his chest. We were concerned that it could be a heart problem so we went to our local Fire Department to see if they could check and see if it was serious. We didn’t want to have to pay for an emergency visit if it wasn’t necessary.

Our local EMT’s put Steve on the monitor and noticed something going on. They recommended he go to emergency. In fact, they followed us over to the hospital. The emergency team took him in right away and ran several tests on him. In fact one test didn’t turn out good so they had to redo it. Finally, after six hours in emergency the doctor brought the diagnoses.

Steve had Pluracy–an infection in his check area that was causing inflammation and swelling. It put pressure on the heart, causing the odd reading the Fire Department’s heart monitor.  The doctor prescribed some aspirin along with Steve’s regular anti-inflammatory medicines, and within a week or so he was feeling better.

I want to thank God that it wasn’t a heart attack or stroke and that Steve is doing better.  It was a tense moment, but our God was faithful and we received a great report.