Bible-Teaching Activities

I am a big fan of Bible-teaching activities. These activities provide reinforcement for the Bible lessons as well as memorable experiences in Sunday School. The memories created in class will affect the student’s attitude in Sunday School. A teacher needs to find balance between listening to the story and doing activities. Most students, if given a choice, would prefer the fun activity over doing the regular lesson.

Bible-teaching activities can be a big asset or a big hindrance. Therefore, the teacher needs to really assess the effectiveness of each activity he/she does in class.

Bible-teaching activities can include a wide variety of things so long as they apply to the lesson and/or help explain or reinforce the lesson. The idea behind using these activities is to prepare an activity that the students will enjoy and remember long after the class is over! If the activity provides this ‘memorable experience’ it will bring back the memory and the lesson later when the student does something to trigger the memory.

Some examples of Bible-teaching activities include object lessons; educational games; scripture-memory activities; art projects such as crafts, drawing, and painting; puzzles like hidden pictures, mazes, and word-search puzzles; coloring activities; paper crafts such as card-making, origami, and stamping; food crafts; nature crafts and walks; field trips; and any other activity that teaches the lesson and inspires the student. These activities can provide a ‘hook’ that will excite the students and leave them wondering, “What are we going to do next week?”

There are many activity books on the market today. These can be wonderful tools to add to your lesson. They can also be a detriment and waste of time. Read the section following this called Time Fillers, Time Killers, and Time Redeemers, to see examples of good and bad activities for class.

Meanwhile, I want to encourage all Bible-teachers to continue in the work God has called them to do. They will be blessed for their time and effort and leave behind a legacy of people whom God has touched because of their willingness to serve Him and His children!

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